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Cheng Wei

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The “organized” one,

I plan everything efficiently and manage my timeline wisely. I always come up with a timeline before starting a new project and make sure that I stay connected with it in order for me to meet the deadline.

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John Lau Guitar Repair Shop -

John Lau is more than just a guitar repair shop, they craft dreams and restore memories. High quality services at reasonable price. The luxury you can afford. The idea is to create a design that is memorable and unique.

Casahana Mooncake -

This packaging design for Casahana Mooncake features a family enjoying themselves during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Die cut is applied on the box to add depth and atmosphere to the night scene.

My Pandamaran New Village -

A limited edition book that introduces its readers to the Pandamaran New Village. The book talks about the history of the Pandamaran New Village, its people, lifestyle, food, education, architecture and many more.