Lee -
Cin Cing

Lee Cin Cing

The “persistent” one,

I never give my spirits up easily and believe that practice makes perfect, effort brings success. I always face my problems head on even if they are difficult.

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Darren Piano Service -

Darren Piano Service was established by Darren Hee and it’s only one company in Kuala Lumpur. The logo is the combination of 'DH' (Darren Hee) and 'piano tuning'. I used the piano symbol to create 'DH' that linked and emphasize the company does mostly piano repairing and maintenance.

Tanamera Specialty Spa Kit -

A Spa Kit that contains Herbal Tea, Herbal Massage Oil, and Herbal Bath. This set is a natural tropical spa product hat uses 100% natural resources made in Malaysia. The concept of design is an inspirational mix of batik, herbal plants and applied wood effect to bring out natural and cultural.

Confinement Lady 月嫂 -

Confinement Lady is a publication project that introduces the process of the confinement month. A series of 4 books is created consisting interesting illustrations to make for a more fun and unique reading experience.