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The “innovative” one,

I am consistent when it comes to coming up with new ideas for various projects. Having a positive learning attitude and being willing to accept new challenges is key to over-coming obstacles.

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Darren Piano Service -

Darren Hee relies on his hearing skills when he tunes a piano, making sure the piano is as good as new. For me, the top view of a grand piano resembles an ear. That’s how I got the idea for my logo.

Tanamera Tropical Hibiscus Souvenir Set -

Tanamera Tropical Hibiscus souvenir set consists of a body scrub and bath powder. This body care set is made from natural resources and is made from tropical hibiscuses. The design combines the batik effect with floral patterns, namely hibiscuses, to convey the cultural heritage of Malaysia.

Blessing Descended Upon -

Beautiful things such as joyous Chinese events need to be passed down to future generations. This book talks about the joyous Chinese events and is separated into 3 chapters: Marriage, Elderly’s birthday and Pregnancy.