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Problem -

Death rates of road accidents in Malaysia is the 3rd highest in the world. It is reported that 6082 people died on the road last year. 20% are caused by texting and driving. Nearly everyone agrees that texting and driving is dangerous. Although every driver knows that it is dangerous to do so, they are still oblivious to the fact that they are putting the lives of their passengers and fellow road users at risk.

Insight -

People are likely to break the law when nobody is watching them. Catching them in the act unsuspectedly will most likely remind them not to do it in the future.

Solution -

Cameras are set up in junctions on digital billboards to capture drivers using their phone with mobile detection technology. The driver’s face will appear on the digital billboard with a short message. That’s not all, the photos will be uploaded to social media and appear on the driver’s phone to create awareness and act as a reminder.

How It Works -

Using the mobile phone detection technology, we set up cameras on digital billboards in the junction of traffic lights.

The camera captures the driver’s faces while using the phones and their faces will instantly appear on the digital billboard, with shocking messages on it.

Other Media -

The same picture will also be featured in JPJ’s Facebook page.

Ad in Instagram will appear to remind drivers not to text and drive.

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