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Problem -

Drunk driving is a big problem lately, having 181 accidents with 54 people who died. Peer pressure is a major factor, when it comes to drinking with friends, family and colleagues.

Idea -

A menu that allows people to drink as much as they want with no worries. In addition, they are guaranteed to be dropped off safely at their home with Grab.

How It Works -

When you first enter the menu there will be an option of inputting the amount of people you have with you with the amount of drinks you want.

When you have exceeded the order number of 3 mugs. A grab notification will pop up and to continue with the order you have to press accept.

A Grab notification pops up.

When you have finished your drinks with your friends the Grab that you have accepted earlier will be sent to the bar and will send you back home safely.

Instagram Carousel -

A carousel ad on Instagram to attract young people.

Poster -

Poster standee at the bar entrance to promote and attract the customers.