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Problem -

According to the World Air Quality Index (WAQI), Malaysia recorded an average API reading of 266 which is the highest in the world. Car ownership in Malaysia is the 3rd highest in the world and 54% of households have more than one car. This is causing Malaysia to face a major carbon monoxide pollution problem. The World Health Organisation also reported that till 2017, air pollution has caused 11,352 deaths locally.

Insight -

People tend to drink water when they get throat irritation or their eyes get dry. However, people aren’t aware these are caused by air pollution. They also aren’t aware that driving causes much pollution to the air and affects their health.

Solution -

MyCAS (Malaysia Clean Air Society) is collaborating with Spritzer to launch the “Fresh Air” campaign. We emptied the Spritzer bottles and renamed them as “Fresh Air” which are later displayed at supermarkets and convenience stores next to regular mineral water. A free public transport token will be given on the bottle cap to encourage people to take public transport.

How It Works -

  1. Bad air quality causes throat irritation and people will feel thirsty easily. Therefore, they will buy mineral water and notice the “Fresh Air” bottles.
  2. They can scan the QR code on the label to learn more about the air pollution problem.
  3. Upon purchase of “Fresh Air”, the money will go to MyCAS to support the stop air pollution program.
  4. Retain the bottle cap to get a token for one free trip in any public transport.
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