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Problem -

A total of 4963 domestic violence cases were reported between January and November of 2019 in Malaysia.

Observation -

A majority of people do not pay much attention to domestic violence, which causes an increase in numbers of people getting abused at home.

Solution -

A domestic violence campaign is organized. WAO, also known as Women’s Aid Organisation, will be collaborating with IKEA to launch the “HELL HOME” campaign.

VR Experience -

“Don’t let home become hell. Report to stop the violence.”

1. A VR headset is placed inside one of the living room showroom displays in IKEA.

2. A signage will promote visitors to take up the VR set to have a virtual experience of the living room.

3. The VR experience will take our users to a scene of a messed up living room.

4. As the users look around they will see a scene of domestic violence happening.

5. Our key message will appear at the end with statistics of domestic violence happening.

6. Finally, a call to action for the number and contact information to report domestic violence.

Leaflets -

Leaflet is where people can get to know more about what they can do when they’re facing domestic violence and what they have to do when they decide to leave their home.

Micro Website Design -

Everyone can be involved by donating to the victims and report to stand up to violence in our website.

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