Chari-tiger-ble Logo Of The Day

Problem -

Malayan tigers are expected to be extinct by 2022. This is due to a number of factors which includes deforestation which leads to habitat loss, illegal poaching for tiger parts that are used for clothing and Chinese medicine, human and tiger conflicts in rural areas and many more.

Group Members -

  1. Leong Jing Er
  2. Mah Yue Nam
  3. Tan Shang Jie
  4. Tan Zhi Jian
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Observation -

Malaysians are proud of their national symbol, the Malayan tigers, which is why tiger motifs are often used in the country. The Malayan tiger represents the nation’s strength. However, when Malayan tigers are gone, it would heavily impact Malaysia as their national icon, the representation of their pride and willpower would no longer be relevant.

Idea -

On Global Tiger Day, HSBC will announce its new logo which will only be used on that special day to raise awareness on the endangered Malayan tigers. The logo will feature a Malayan tiger which resembles a certain brand to create talkability and bring in more people to help preserve the Malayan tiger population in Malaysia.

Newsprint -

A newsprint ad is launched on Global Tigers Day announcing HSBC's special logo of the day.

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