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Problem -

Women are struggling from the stressful expectation from society to be the perfect mother and wife, on top of handling a career. According to a UN study, 67% of women are not in the labour force due to familial reasons.

Insight -

Men assume childcare is an easy task. They also think of it as a woman’s responsibility and expect them to handle everything.

Solution -

On Women’s Day, a series of unskippable ads will be launched. Using the gender algorithm on Youtube and Spotify, the ads will only target men. These ads reveal the unglamorous side of childcare and urge men to empathize with their wives and play their part in childcare.


A film that shows 20 seconds “unskippable” spots.

Spotify -

Spotify will play ads of annoying child crying. Clicking ‘Learn More” button will redirect viewers to WAO”S website.

Website Design -

When You Thought He Wouldn't Do It