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Problem -

9% of women in Malaysia experience domestic violence. That’s over 800,000 women across the country and yet, people don’t take responsibility, and turn a blind eye towards the crisis happening to the women around them.

Idea -

A 360 awareness campaign, spearheaded by a film that shows what brute force can do when someone sets out to win and show dominance. The campaign is supported by a website that provides information and a place to report domestic violence, together with a social media kit to spread the message around.


Our TVC starts with a normal slapping competition scene where a person advances to his final round after winning against his opponent. He is shocked to find that his wife becomes his final round opponent where it tests him if he would slap his wife whilst being in this competition in order win the final round.

Website Design -

Webpage provides information and a link to report on domestic violence.

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