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The “open-minded” one,

Willingness to accept criticism is an essential part in developing better ideas. My love for communication taught me to look at things from different perspectives, helping me develop new approaches to- wards my design.

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VR Drumming Academy -

To position VR Drumming Academy as an Academy that instils the power of resilience and the power of team spirit and passion by inheriting the art of 24 festive drum and spreading their culture while bringing a modern twist but stays with its root of origin.

Blossom of Origins Batik Accessories -

An limited edition origami packaging that comes with a set of unique accessories design that encourage enthusiast collectors by showing that Malay batik culture design can be appreciated as an art and also further emphasise the artistry beauty of the batik design.

Tongue Twist -

A book that showcases the weird side of Malaysia when it comes to food, beverages or other things. It also shows what oddities the nation has to offer in an interesting and fun way.