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The “flexible” one,

I’m comfortable with adjusting into any situation and am able to adapt to unexpected challenges. I’m willing to learn and improve myself by accepting others’ suggestions and opinions.

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Ong Liutaio Workshop -

Ong Liutaio Workshop is a music workshop that specializes in violin making for Malaysians. The workshop provides quality reparation and maintenance. I used textured brush strokes to create the logo because they represent the company’s craft and art.

Ho Kow Hainanese Kopitiam Dim Sum Set -

A traditional dim sum set that’s targeted towards working adults who love dim sum. The styling and idea is inspired by the old traditions of Chinese culture.

The Peranakan & Baba Nyonya -

A limited edition book that talks about the stories and culture of Baba Nyonya. In this book, readers get to explore the history and lifestyle of Baba Nyonya.