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The “curious” one,

My curiousity keeps me enthusiastic, which drives me to constantly explore, observe and think. It also fuels my passion for design, as it challenges me to be more innovative.

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John Lau Guitar Reapair Store -

John Lau Guitar Repair Center, a local brand that provides high quality repair services by a collective of people with a set of very unique skills and passion. To emphasize the identity of the brand, I combined the name of the brand “John Lau” and one of the structures of guitars, the six strings.

Native Body and Skin -

Native Body & Skin body care pack is a skincare product that is made from natural ingredients through sustainable and natural sources from East Malaysia. The structure of the box is inspired by the traditional longhouse, while the motif designs are inspired by the Dayak tribal patterns.

Scabs -

SCABS is about 3 youn adults who have found each other to talk about their problems as theysupport each other in the search for peace and freedom.