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Pei Wen

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The “free-spirited” one,

I’m not controlled by conventions as I love breaking the norm. To me, design is supposed to be where designers can express themselves while providing the right solution to others.

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VR Drumming Academy -

To convey the abstract beauty of the 24 Festive Drums, the sound, movements and energy of the drums and the performers are translated through handcrafted Chinese calligraphy brush strokes into different graphic visuals.

Artisan Malaysian Tea Set -

This limited edition tea set consists of 3 unique and healthy Malaysian Floral Tea flavours. This tea set aims to enlighten and change tourists’ perception towards Malaysia’s teas. Each pattern is carefully stamped using real flowers.

A Garden’s Universe -

A series of books that gathers the hidden stories behind the gardens of Valley of Hope. It also highlights the simplicity of their lifestyles, gardening routines, and their love for plants through a different perspective.