Ng -
Pei Yee

Ng Pei Yee

The "detail-oriented" one

I have a good eye for details that might not be noticeable to others. I apply the details that I’ve stored into my visual library into my body of work to create better outcomes.

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Ong Liutaio Workshop -

Ong Liutaio Workshop is a music workshop established during 2011 and specializes in violin making. The logo is a combination of the workshop’s name with the “f-hole” from the violin. The uneven edges of the logo represent one of the violin making steps, wood shaving.

Ho Kow Hainan Kopitiam Vintage Takeaway Breakfast Set -

To retain the old traditions and culture of Asians, the lunchbox-shaped packaging references the Asian tiffin carrier. Besides that, the visual shows different kinds of local food illustrations and texts in different languages. The design is aimed to inspire people to cherish the old traditions and culture.

Our Ancestors -

The book is about Malaysian Chinese’s Ancestors who emigrated from China. In this limited edition book, I focus on the three major Chinese subgroups in Malaysia which are Hokkien, Cantonese and Hakka. The contents include the cultures, the languages and the festivals.