Shohida -

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The "bold" one

I take dauntless steps to come up with ideas and designs that are unique. I am eager to learn, create and most importantly, be original. Therefore, I design with passion, confidence and clear judgement.

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John Lau Guitar Repair Shop -

John Lau is more than just a guitar repair shop, they craft dreams and restore memories. High quality services at reasonable price. The luxury you can afford. The idea is to create a design that is memorable and unique.

Native Body and Skin -

Packaging design for a set of soap bars made from natural ingredients. Vibrant colours are used inspired from Tropical Rainforest’s to illustrate vibes of the tropics. Inspired to appreciate our roots.

Dope High -

A limited edition set of two books about drug usage in Malaysia. The first book is inspired from the mental and emotional suffering of a drug abuser. The second book is colourful to show the high of the drug abuser.