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The “reliable” one,

Among my friends, I’m the one that they usually go for advice. I listen and under- stand what people need, this makes me better in my design as I can provide them with solutions tailored to their needs.

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Darren Piano Service -

The logo is a combination of the shape of a grand piano and piano wires. This is to emphasize on the fact that Darren Piano Service is a professional company that provides services in piano tuning and maintenance.

Tanamera Specialty Body Soap -

Tanamera Warna body soap set consists of three types of natural soaps made from turmeric, coconut and bamboo. These natural ingredients portray the three main races of Malaysia. Warna means colours in Malay and the soaps feature the beautiful natural colours of each treasured ingredient.

The Messanger Of God -

A book that touches on the subject of Ji Tong, a special Chinese religious culture in Malaysia. It also sheds light on the matter, clearing up the many misunderstandings and biases faced by this sacred culture.