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Yong Qi

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The “inventive” one,

I have a strong sense of art and see things from a different perspective. Embracing my quirkiness, I often play with interesting styles when it comes to designing.

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Ong Liutaio Workshop -

Ong Liutaio Workshop is a music workshop established in the year of 2011. The logo design is inspired by the soundhole of the violin and its name. The brand identity I created provides a classical and professional look and feel.

Ho Kow Signature Coffee Powder -

Ho Kow signature coffee powder gift set is a coffee set targeted to people that love the flavour profiles of traditional Malaysian coffee. The styling, layout and art direction of this work is inspired by retro Chinese calendars and coffee shop teacups.

This is how I define who am I -

This series of books talks about traditional and modern tattoos and how they define themselves by their own patterns and cultures. Diving deep into other countries, readers get to know how tattoos came to be. It also talks about how the younger generations think about tattoos nowadays.