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Yue Nam

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The “observant” one,

I am able to remember interesting and minor details from different places and what people have said. This allows me to find inspiration from my surroundings, other people’s quirks and emotions which will be then incorporated into my designs.

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Darren’s Piano Service -

Darren’s Piano Service is a company that offers piano tuning, maintenance and sales. The company is targeted towards piano owners. However, most of its customers are professional pianists and piano teachers.

Harriston Chocolate -

Harriston introduces chocolates with authentic flavours from Malaysia. This series of chocolates features unique Malaysian flavours such as durian and tongkat ali.

Haunting Grounds Of Malaysia -

This publication project showcases a variety of places that are rumoured to be haunted in Malaysia. Each page is designed to create a certain mood that exudes the feeling of loneliness and eeriness so that readers feel immersed.