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Pui Yue

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The “optimistic” one,

I often to see problems as an opportunity for me to improve myself. Therefore, I’ll face it head on with determination and most importantly, a positive mind.

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The Daily Grind -

This brand new design is made with the thought of showing The Daily Grind as a gourmet burger restaurant that offers their customers a scrumptious fine dining experience that hand-makes their patties.

Crafty Wonders Watercolour & Calligraphy Kit-

This watercolour and calligraphy set is aimed towards kids. It guides them to utilize their new found skills while telling them to expand their creative minds.

A Little Island (Also a State)
Not Far Frome Here -

This book talks about the unique museums in Penang Island. From music to culture it covers everything in the state with the thought of showing people what lies in it.